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PARDUS 2013 a cost-effective, secure alternative to commercial operating systems was released in 2013 which offers enterprise support and provides software tools for enterprise level applications.
DergiPark Project, undertaken by TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM, aims at web-based publication of academic journals and the establishment of an online journal management system.
TÜBİTAK EKUAL provides electronic information services, enabling research institutions in Turkey efficient and widespread access to electronic information resources of academic interest.
Turkish National Research and Education Network (ULAKNET), which is operated by Network Technologies Department of ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center) provides network services always one step ahead of the expectations of its users, made up of 100.000 lecturers and research assistants, and more than 2.500,000 higher education students
Turkish National e-Science e-Infrastructure (TRUBA) Strengthening project mainly aims to meet the needs of researchers who carry out the studies in Turkey, ongoing national and international projects on high performance computing, distributed computing and scientific data warehouse.
EGI-InSPIRE is ideally placed to join together the new Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) such as clouds, supercomputing networks and desktop grids, for the benefit of user communities within the European Research Area.