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GEN6 (Governments ENabled with IPv6) project is settled within Theme 4 of ICT PSP work programme 2011 focusing on “ICT for Innovative Government and Public Services”. The reasoning for this call was to support the “Digital Agenda for Europe” by innovating and making government services more effective and fully interoperable.

Project participants are government institutions from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Greece, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Turkey. Within the project, selected e-government IT infrastructure and applications will be made IPv6 enabled within pilots. GEN6 project has four different types of national pilots:

  • IPv6 upgrade of eGoverment Network Infrastructures, e-Identification, Services and Applications (Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Turkey).

  • IPv6 upgrade of Secure Cloud Services (Luxembourg).

  • IPv6 upgrade of Energy Efficiency in School Networks (Greece).

  • IPv6 upgrade of Emergency Response Environments (Slovenia).