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Turkish National Research and Education Network (ULAKNET), which is operated by Network Technologies Department of ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center) provides network services always one step ahead of the expectations of its users, made up of 100.000 lecturers and research assistants, and more than 2.500,000 higher education students.  As well as operating the national research network infrastructure, ULAKBIM also coordinates nation-wide grid activities and operates national grid-based high performance computing (TR-Grid-HPC) e-infrastructure. By recognising the significance of research networking, Network Technologies Department also provides R&D networking platform for innovative demand from the researching elements of national innovation system. ULAKNET has been trying to provide a solid background for a continuous, country-wide, competitive, overall development of the IT sector in Turkey since the foundation of ULAKBIM. The non-profit structure of  ULAKBIM applies a well defined AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), and also the coverage of the user community is strictly restricted by clear rules stemming from the research networking behaviour.