5th Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference (EaPEC 2022) was held in Baku on 28-29 September 2022

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With the Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conferences (EaPEC), which are held within the framework of the "EaPConnect" (EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities) project coordinated by the European Academic Network GÉANT, where TUBITAK ULAKBIM is on the programme committee, it is aimed to expand the cooperation relations between the Eastern Partnership countries.

The EaPEC 2022 Conference, the fifth of which was held in Baku on 28-29 September 2022 under the slogan "Making Connections", attracted participation from more than 30 countries.

At the conference, where topics such as the development of electronic education, "open science" platform, cloud technology, cyber security of science and education, efficient use of information resources collected in the field of science and education were discussed, ULAKBIM Director M. Mirat Satoğlu delivered a speech titled "Open Science: Collaboration and Dissemination of Knowledge" panel and "Sustainability of National Research and Education Networks" special session. In his presentation, Satoğlu explained the adoption process of Open Science in our country by emphasising concerns, questions and TUBITAK ULAKBIM's experiences in providing research e-infrastructure and summarised the plans for the next 10 years. Ebru Soyuyüce Aydın from TUBITAK ULAKBIM chaired the "Open Science" and "e-Health" sessions of the conference.

In the digital humanities session, Irmak Güneş Yüceil from the Ministry of Culture presented a sample project on cultural heritage management MUES (Turkish National Museum Inventory System), whose goal is to "carry Anatolian cultural heritage to the future".

A presentation by Prof. Dr. Bilge Demirköz from Middle East Technical University on "The beginning of a long journey: From Big Data to Scientific Wisdom" gave the audience a lot of ideas and was a very inspiring talk. Professor Demirköz spoke passionately about her work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and her involvement in space exploration and science diplomacy activities. The concept of scientific wisdom, where science touches the mind, heart, and soul, reveals the true meaning and importance of scientific research. Her presentation was a fitting finale to the programme hosted by Azerbaijan.

You can download all presentations from the EaPEC 2022 conference website (https://conferences.eapconnect.eu/ ) and watch the conference recordings on GÉANTtv YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/GEANTtv ).