Curricula Developed for Students with Special Gifts Presented for Public Opinion

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The development of curricula for the specially talented by the cooperation of the General Directorate of Special Education Guidance and Counseling Services, Ministry of National Education, and TUBITAK ULAKBIM has been completed.

The efforts to develop curricula, a first in the history of the Republic of Turkey, were initiated in 2017, and 28 curricula for pre-school, elementary school, secondary school and high school periods have been prepared.  63 faculty members from 29 different universities, as experts in their respective fields and education of specially talented, and 80 teachers have been involved in the studies. The new curricula developed especially for the characteristics of specially talented students cover courses of pre-school, physical training and games, physical training and sports, information technologies and software, biology, geography, philosophy, science, physics, visual arts, life sciences, chemistry, mathematics, music, social sciences, history, Turkish language and literature, and Turkish.

Before deciding on their implementation, the draft curricula will be available until 18:00 on May 20, 2019 at for public opinion, suggestions and contribution.