TUBITAK Open Science Policy Accepted

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TUBITAK Open Science Policy was discussed and accepted at the meeting of the TUBITAK Board of Directors on March 14, 2019.

The management, storage, archiving, compilation and digital preservation of the publications and research data produced by the projects carried out or supported by TUBITAK constitute the framework of TUBITAK Open Science Policy.

The Green Road Open Access requirement has been adopted with the agreement of the Open Science Policy and it has been deemed appropriate to implement the policy to pilot programs in 2019 and to all support programs in 2020.

TUBITAK is committed to providing continuous open access to scientific publications and research data. For this purpose, the publications produced from the projects supported by TUBITAK must be uploaded to TUBITAK Open Archive that provides service under the name Aperta (https://aperta.ulakbim.gov.tr/). It is recommended that the research data of these publications should be open access.

TUBITAK has prepared the “Research Data Training Portal” (https://acikveri.ulakbim.gov.tr/) where sample data management plans are shared to assist the researchers in data management and sharing.

This important step of Turkish Research Area’s (TARAL) compliance with European Research Area will increase the visibility and impact of the scientific publications of our country. By opening data sharing, it will be possible to conduct scientific studies in a much more efficient and productive way, to avoid data repetition, to ensure consistency in the data and to access the data much faster.

With wishes to increase the awareness and adoption of the Open Science applications, which aim to make, the scientific studies more transparent and more open with the developing technology;

Respectfully announced to the public.

Download TUBITAK Open Science Policy [PDF]