TUBITAK ULAKBIM has organized a Process Management Training for the editors of TR Index journals

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Trainings on usage and promotion of TR Index systems available with their newly updated interfaces since July 18, 2018 continues.

“TR Index Process Management System Training” has been held in TUBITAK ULAKBIM Ministry of Industry and Technology Conference Hall on Oct 18, 2018, for the second time, for informing journal directors, editors and publishers about the new structure of the Online Journal Monitoring System (ODIS) used in TR Index application and evaluation processes of journals and sharing the changes in process management with these persons and informing them according to the criteria.

The training, attended by 120 journal directors and editors, started with the opening speech of the director of TUBITAK ULAKBIM, Mirat SATOĞLU. SATOĞLU stated in his speech that the National Citation Index project was initiated in 2017 and the first version with citation feature of TR Index has been available since July 2018. He also stated that the three-year project will continue until the end of this year and development activities will also be carried out in 2019.

It is informed that also the TR Index search interface provides citation information of publications together with detailed search results and the TR Index has been integrated with in-house and external systems.

The training continued with an informing presentation about TR Index and a demo presentation and it was finalized with the sharing of questions, answers, and suggestions interactively.