“Turkish Journal of Mathematics - Studies on Scientific Developments in Geometry, Algebra and Applied Mathematics” Webinar was Held

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The “Studies on Scientific Developments in Geometry, Algebra and Applied Mathematics” webinar which was organized by Turkish Journal of Mathematics Magazine which is published by TUBITAK ULAKBIM and worldwide famous researchers on mathematics has participated as guest participants was held between the dates 1 and 3 February, 2022.

Almost 200 people, including Gilbert Strang (Owner of Abel Price), Efim Zelmanov (Owner of Fields Medal), Ngaiming Mok (Juror of Fields Medal) participated in the webinar where the scientists who share their studies on mathematics from the different parts of the world. Artificial Intelligence which is one of the underlying subjects in almost every field was also involved in the webinar which starts with the speech of the President of TUBITAK, Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal.

You can reach almost 100 summaries of the studies which was selected from 150 essays that were sent in order to be presented at the seminar whose aim is to raise the awareness on career opportunities to be presented to the graduate students, master’s degree scholarship holders and researchers after the PhD period from https://math2022.tubitak.gov.tr and also you can watch the webinar record on TUBITAK ULAKBIM TV YouTube channel.

Turkish Journal of Mathematics is the Science Citation Index Expanded magazine which publishes high quality research essays. You can visit to achieve more detailed information on magazine and to send essays from https://journals.tubitak.gov.tr/math/index.html.