We Are Celebrating the Open Access Week

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The Open Access Week is celebrated all around the world and in our country between 22-28 October with many activities to call attention to topics like open access, open science, open data and other related topics, and expand awareness.

This year, on said week to be celebrated with the theme of “Equality on Sustainable Open Science and Open Information”, many topics like Europe Open Science Cloud, research data management, open course sources, politics, strategy, regulations, standard and software infrastructures, new generation academic archives, open course sources, open innovation and scientific communication, alternative publishing models, new metrics in research and evaluation of research results, open science in Turkey will be evaluated with all shareholders. This week was celebrated with the related themes in the past years.

  • “Designing Equitable Structures for Open Information” 2018
  • “Open Science for a Better Future” 2017
  • “Remove the Obstacles to Information” 2016
  • “Cooperation for Openness” 2015
  • “Open Generation” 2014
  • “Redefining the Impact” 2013
  • “Bring Open Access Forward” 2012

Happy Open Access Week...