We introduced TUBITAK ULAKBIM to TUBITAK Science High School students who visited TUBITAK

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TUBITAK Science High School students, who came to Ankara last week as part of their education and study trip with the organisation of TUBITAK Directorate of Science Human Support Programmes, visited TUBITAK.

TUBITAK ULAKBIM experts made presentations to the students at the conference held at TUBITAK Feza Gürsey Hall within the scope of the visit. Cahit Arf Information Centre (CABIM) specialist Sibel Tabanlıoğlu gave a brief information about the organisational structure of TUBITAK ULAKBIM and introduced the information and document provision services offered by CABIM to the students.

Sefa Arslan, Senior Researcher from TUBITAK ULAKBIM Network Technologies Unit, gave information about the Turkish National Science e-Infrastructure (TRUBA), which is a national centre providing high-performance computing and data storage space to all research institutions and researchers in our country. Şenol Aldıbaş from TUBITAK ULAKBIM Pardus Project team informed the students about Pardus service and its use, emphasising the importance of open source and free software.