Cahit Arf Information Center

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Cahit Arf Information Center (CABIM)

Cahit Arf Information Center has been founded as an institute affiliated to TÜBİTAK in 1996.

The Center provides information and document delivery services nationwide, using traditional and electronic means, in order to meet the information needs of academia, public and industrial sectors, and to contribute to the production of scientific information in Turkey.

Cahit Arf Information Center aims:

  • to increase the production of scientific publications and improve the efficiency of education and research activities in Turkey, by making the information and document services compatible with new technologies available for researchers all over the country,
  • to take national initiatives for the development of electronic information sources and services, and to improve access facilities to academic information and documents for researchers, in cooperation with related education and research organizations,
  • to archive the databases of leading international e-journal publishers and Turkish scientific journal contents, and to create a national electronic resource archive to ensure a long term access to basic electronic information sources and national scientific content subscribed by ULAKBIM and university libraries in Turkey, through consortial activities,
  • to produce Turkish electronic information resources / databases and to develop them up to global standards, to provide for the integration of these e-resources with similar international systems and to offer them to the service of researchers,
  • to conduct and publish bibliometric studies for the measurement of Turkey's performance in the production of international scientific publications,
  • to provide incentives for researchers making international publications and to contribute to increase the number of scientific publications made in Turkey through the .Promotion Program for International Scientific Publications (UBYT).,
  • to create equal opportunity of access to academic information resources for researchers throughout Turkey, by entering into national license agreements (TÜBİTAK EKUAL) with leading publishers.
  • to provide services in Reader's Hall.