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TRUBA is serving to many researches from different disciplines, universities,  public foundations and industrial corporations. While similar centers on the world give services  only limited number of researches and big-scale projects,  since TRUBA is one of the national scientific computing  center in the country, hardware variety, and number of different services given by TRUBA is too much. When the total number of the researches in the country being considered, it appears that thousands of researchers studying in scientific computing should be supported. Since the first computing cluster set in 2003 at TUBITAK-ULAKBIM, as bureaucracy at accessing the computing resources tried to be diminished, and an easy-to-use infrastructure tried to be prepared.
By 2013, TRUBA is serving with high performance computing clusters, data-analysis clusters, virtual servers via OpenStack, virtual clusters via OpenNebula and Map/Reduce services via Hadoop clusters.  Up to date information about TRUBA services is accessible from