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Nowadays, cloud computing is entered scope of the scientific computing researchers due the access simplicities and platform independent, flexible service abilities of cloud systems. Specially, for big data problems which can not be processed easily in a short time by classical systems, cloud computing architectures make processing of these huge-volume jobs possible in a different manner.

Data Warehouse

In order to the scientific computing jobs to be run efficiently and free of problems,  TRUBA serving with more than 2 Pbyte of parallel and distributed  scientific data warehouses. The file system is connected to the local network with high speed Infiniband  adapters and connected to ULAKNET network with 10GBps adapters.


TRUBA is serving to many researches from different disciplines, universities,  public foundations and industrial corporations. While similar centers on the world give services  only limited number of researches and big-scale projects,  since TRUBA is one of the national scientific computing  center in the country, hardware variety, and number of different services given by TRUBA is too much. When the total number of the researches in the country being considered, it appears that thousands of researchers studying in scientific computing should be supported.


TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM, respectively, offers research network, high performance computing, data-intensive scientific computing and data warehousing services from the establishment of the institute. As of today, when viewed the services provided by e-Infrastructure, it can be seen that these services contain all necessary components which are needed to have a sustainable and healthy functioning infrastructure.

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