The EuroCC Project was completed successfully and EuroCC 2 will officially start in early 2023

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National Competence Center (NCC) Turkey has successfully achieved its goals and milestones in the second year of the Project.

The NCC has organized a variety of activities to promote the High-Performance Computing (HPC)/ High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA)/ Artificial Intelligence (AI) by highlighting the benefits of HPC-related technologies for public, private sectors and academia. The training activities were provided to both national and international communities. All of these activities and their complements such as workshops, info day, and SME webinars were held in the context of awareness-raising activities. Many researchers and research groups in the country have been brought together by the organization of a major conference, BAŞARIM 2022. Furthermore, two meetings were held in Ankara and Istanbul as part of the cooperation with the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC). In these meetings information about new pre-exascale supercomputer MareNostrum 5 resources, architecture, and user support were provided. Info days on EuroHPC JU calls and Centre of Excelences (CoEs) were organized to provide information about European resources and CoEs, to direct the researchers to the resources.


29 case studies were initiated by NCC Türkiye. Of these case studies in HPC/HPDA/AI, 20 were completed and 10 of them turned into success stories.

Figure3: Distribution of the case studies

NCC Turkey prepared a whitepaper in order to evaluate the competencies of SMEs in the field of HPC and to provide them with professional feedback. The main purpose of this whitepaper is to establish a methodology that can determine the maturity level of SMEs in the field of HPC, guide them to areas where they are lacking, and create a support mechanism.

The EuroCC Project came to a successful end on December 31, 2022. EuroCC 2 will start on 1 January 2023 with the key priority of sustainability. In EuroCC 2, NCC will promote the widening of HPC skills and increase the adoption of academia, industry, and public sector to the HPC ecosystem.

You can visit the EuroCC Turkey website to get more information about the project.