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IPv6, the new generation Internet Protocol, is among the new technologies, which are being studied the most in the recent years. It is expected that issues such as the insufficiency of IP addresses, security, quality of service, mobility, multicasting and network management which frequently gave headaches to network managers will be relieved to a large extent with the introduction of this new protocol. In ULAKBIM there is an ongoing effort to follow up the global advances in the field of IPv6, to extend IPv6 applications on ULAKNET backbone, and to connect more people to the global IPv6 backbone. Within this scope, 2001:A98::/32 IPv6 address space has been allocated for ULAKNET from RIPE (the Regional Internet Allocation Organization) in 2001. IPv6 connection with GEANT, the European Academic Network, has been completed as of June 2003 and IPv6 support of ULAKBIM servers and services were accomplished.

ULAK6NET Task Force (http://www.ipv6.net) has been formed with the participation of the universities in order to widespread the use of IPv6 in universities, to create IPv6 documentation in Turkish and to pinpoint and propose solutions to the problems experienced in the process of transition to IPv6 in ULAKNET.

ULAK6NET Services Status https://stat.ulakbim.gov.tr/uc/ipv6_smt.php  (Authorization required.)