Domain Name System (DNS)

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Domain names consists of gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain) which are .com, .org, .net, .edu, .biz, .info etc., and ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domain) in ISO-3166 standard, which are .uk, .us, .de, .tr etc.

Root DNS Servers: Root DNS servers are required for an accurate, reliable and continuous name resolution on the network. server, one of the 13 root DNS servers serving the whole world, is providing its services in ULAKBIM since September 2004. Location of root servers can be seen at .

Turkey DNS Server: One of the .tr DNS servers, where domain name resolution for Turkey is performed, is located at ULAKBIM since August 2004. Management and coordination of top level domain name “.tr” is maintained Middle East Technical University (METU) since 1990.