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GN3, GN2, GN3Plus

GÉANT is the high bandwidth pan-European research and education backbone that not only interconnects Europe's National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), but also has extensive links to networks in other world regions thereby bringing users worldwide seamlessly together to collaborate on research and education.

The GÉANT network has long been considered the most advanced research network in the world. It provides unrivalled geographical coverage and an outstanding service availability of 99.999% to provide reliable access across the region.


Governments ENabled with IPv6

GEN6 (Governments ENabled with IPv6) project is settled within Theme 4 of ICT PSP work programme 2011 focusing on “ICT for Innovative Government and Public Services”. The reasoning for this call was to support the “Digital Agenda for Europe” by innovating and making government services more effective and fully interoperable.

European Commission Funded

ULAKBIM is responsible for the implementation and operation of a nationwide, interactive, high speed, and sophisticated computer network, connecting the innovation centers in Turkey.

Besides maintaining this network; ULAKBİM has been carrying out Nationally and European Union supported projects, with the aim of providing information technology support to national innovation system and enabling the realization of R&D studies in the field of information technologies.


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