National Funded

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ULAKBIM is responsible for the implementation and operation of a nationwide, interactive, high speed, and sophisticated computer network, connecting the innovation centers in Turkey.

Besides maintaining this network; ULAKBİM has been carrying out Nationally and European Union supported projects, with the aim of providing information technology support to national innovation system and enabling the realization of R&D studies in the field of information technologies.

ULAKBIM has been providing information services to meet the needs of academics, researchers and institutional users; compiling information which reflects national accumulation of knowledge, and administering the classification and editing of this data, using this network infrastructure; in order to support the production of scientific knowledge in the country. 

ULAKBİM has also undertaken projects in the field of national and international education; designed to assist the development of software, content, information retrieval models, infrastructure and systems enabling efficient use of information technologies; with the aim of fostering the use of technology in educational institutions, improving the quality of education, enhancing the diffusivity and accessibility of education.