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e-IRG (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group) ve HET (HPC Europe Task Force) are the main strategic groups, which are the most important planners of Europe in terms of e-science. The importance of e-infrastructure is underlined road map prepared by ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures). TR-Grid Re-IS  project, supported by SPO (State Planing Organization), started in accord with this situation is aimed at enduring the success of its antecedent project, TUGA. 

Project Objectives:

Reinforcement of TR-Grid Research e-Infrastructure Project is aimed at enduring the success of its antecedent project, TUGA. For this purpose, besides the primary aim of 

  • providing the required support as well as computing and storage resources to the researchers, whose number will increase in the following years within the TR-Grid research e-infrastructure;

it is aimed at:

  • Providing the required reinforcement in the hardware and human infrastructure in order to participate in international e-infrastructures, particularly in the next generation infrastructures to be established in Europe,

  • Establishing a cooperation framework, the strategies of which shall be set by TR-Grid National Grid Initiative and which shall be supported by human resources of TR-Grid operationally in order for the efficient use of funds to be supplied to universities, research centers, and national computing centers by several funding agencies on the national scale,

  • Providing the required human power and resources support to the other public institutions and industry regarding e-infrastructures when needed,

  • Counseling the research and public institutions as well as industrial organizations that shall make similar purchases, via the support of the experts, whose numbers will increase within the framework of the project.