National Grid Infrastructure

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National Grid Infrastructure Project (2006-2007)

TUGA project, funded by TUBITAK TARAL, aims to set up national grid infrastructure through the establishment of high performance computing centers in university bodies. In order to realize this aim, clustered computer structures shall be obtained and located at determined centers and integrated under the grid structure.  In order to follow scientific developments and adapt to ongoing studies, more complicated systems require analysis. As such studies are in need of high processing speeds, memory and storage capacities, high performance computer centers should be established and made accessible to academicians. Turkey should participate in the European Grid Initiative, providing parallel processing power and knowledge sharing, to have a voice in the academic world. TUBITAK ULAKBIM conducts the required studies for the establishment of National Grid Structure and integration into the European Grid Structure.

Researchers in Turkey obtain high power computers by means of several project support resources in order to get the processing power required by the competitive research milieu. ULAKBIM shall provide the efficient use of those resources, which are rather insufficient compared to the similar resources in international scientific communities and generally used inefficiently, via the national grid infrastructure. Since the National Grid Infrastructure shall provide an access gate to the other grid structures including European Grid structures, it shall provide an incredible computing resource to the researcher communities in Turkey.

Project Objectives:

•   to set up and operate TR-Grid infrastructure.

•   to provide user accounts and user support.

•   to support the development of national and regional grid applications.

•   to train the national grid users and grid sytem administrators.

•   to expand national grid community and raise the grid awareness through workshops and meetings.

•   to provide colloboration with the participation of universities, industry and governmental institutions to TR-Grid NGI.

•   to participate the international grid projects.