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Enabling Grids for E-sciencE

A globally  distributed  computing  Grid  now  plays  an  essential  role  for  large-scale,  data  intensive science in many fields of research. The concept has been proven viable through the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project (EGEE and EGEE-II, 2004-2008) and its related projects. EGEE-II is consolidating the operations and middleware of this Grid for use by a wide range of scientific communities, such as astrophysics,  computational  chemistry,  earth  and  life  sciences,  fusion  and  particle  physics.  Strong quality assurance, training and outreach programmes contribute to the success of this production Grid infrastructure.

Built on the pan-European network GÉANT2, EGEE has become a unique and powerful resource for European  science,  allowing  researchers  in  all  regions  to  collaborate  on  common  challenges. Worldwide collaborations have extended its reach to the benefit of European science.

Project Objectives: 

The  proposed  EGEE-III  project  has  two  clear  objectives  that  are  essential  for  European  research infrastructures:

  • To expand, optimize and simplify the use of  Europe’s largest production Grid by continuous operation  of  the  infrastructure,  support  for  more  user  communities,  and  addition  of  further computational and data resources; 

  • To  prepare  the  migration  of  the  existing  Grid  from  a  project-based  model  to  a  sustainable federated infrastructure based on National Grid Initiatives. 

By  strengthening  interoperable,  open  source  middleware,  EGEE-III   actively  contribute  to  Grid standards, and work closely with businesses to ensure commercial uptake of the Grid, which is a key to sustainability.

Federating its partners on a national or regional basis, EGEE-III will have a structuring effect on the European Research Area. In particular, EGEE-III will ensure that the European Grid does not fragment into incompatible infrastructures of  varying  maturity. EGEE-III will provide a world class, coherent and reliable European Grid, ensuring Europe remains at the forefront of scientific excellence. EGEE infrastructure is changed to European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) at the end of April, 2010 and it continues to give services with its increased capacity.

You can find detailed information from the web page ( of the Project.